Tuesday, March 18, 2008

doing what you like is all that matters

well today while riding in the subway I was thinking
and an idea came into my twisted little mind.

the body that the demon has entered may be daed but it's needs are not, it should be fed and the other stuff that the body does- releasing stuff
so anyway those are just little things that are stronger then the things that the demon wants to do- he doesn't realizes that he doesn't actually needs to eat or drink, those are just things that the body makes him want

and besides I like it when the characters are eating it makes them look more real- that's one o' the things I liked in Dragon Ball the main hero was always hungry

well another pic of the demon
see you next time
hope ya like

Monday, March 17, 2008

he has return from the depths of hell.
for crimes against the code of the demons,
he was sentenced to be able to step on
earth just once every 1000 years, for about a week.

for his crimes his body was taken away from him
and now when he appears in the world of the living
he barrows a body that just died.
as you can see the boy that body belongs to was just
shot in the head for some reason.

umm well only thing that I left myself to tell you is that the week he is on earth is the only time he is free, the 1000 years he is in hell he is kinda like locked for his crimes, and the week he is given is not for him to waste away it is to make up for the crimes against the demons - that doesn't mean he has to be nice and polite !!!

Monday, October 8, 2007

just a thing I started at a forum that I am admin at
artsurvivor- somethin' like the survivor but only with


I can't hold myself I made it to the second post
there's gonna be more tonight

Tuesday, August 7, 2007

Hi to all :)

this is my first post :) hooray

ok so this blog was created so that I could post on it some of the stuff I draw and talk about myself :P

anyway here's a pic that puts the start of the blog